Secret Detours

2017, 5:00, 8K 360° Video

Visions of East Asian mythology materialise in a decidedly modern metropolis, a place without a past – two worlds collide. Secret Detours engages the audience with over-whelming vistas in a full spherical presentation, encompassing the viewers from all angles. The movie short is set within a lush Chinese garden, adapted from the great traditions of imperial landscaping – in the Yunnan Garden in the West of Singapore. Four dancers, dressed in the colours of the cardinal directions, examine the spaces, the paths and the detours of the green scenery. The spherical video relates to the experience of being surrounded by mythological creatures and their traces inside the garden. As the beautiful layout of the grounds is composed from a range of intersections with multiple meandering paths to choose from, the omnidirectional video invites similarly to explore the atmosphere between an exquisite selection of trees, shrubs, bushes and pieces of architecture. In 360° environments, the camera is almost objective and the viewer becomes the editor of the piece, different to the directed camera and edit of ’traditional’ movies. The question arises how the author can direct the eyes of the audience with different camera settings, perspective, focus, direction of actors, transitions and in this way, prompt emotions?

A work by Elke Reinhuber, Benjamin Seide and Ross Adrian Williams Choreography: Susan Sentler, Lasalle College of the Arts Dancers: Chua Pei Yun (East, Azure Dragon), Tan Zi Wen Vasantha (South, Vermillion Bird), Tan Ling Lynn (West, White Dragon), Lim Wei Li Valerie (North, Black Turtle)