Please find the preliminary programme hereafter and register your interest to participate.

Thursday 22.2.
Stereoscopic 3D Theatre, ART 2-15, ADM/NTU

12:30 Registration, Welcome & Coffee

1 pm Welcome note & Introduction

Benjamin Seide + Elke Reinhuber

Experimental Session

Max HattlerExpanded Stereoscopy 360
Vladimir Todorovic Alternative Materiality of VR
Tobias Klein Brain Factory

2:30 pm Coffee Break

3 pm VR and Beyond Session

Ludger PfanzV-aRt The DNA of immersive storytelling
Gray HodgkinsonLights, Virtual Camera, Action!

4:30 pm Coffee Break

5:00 pm Immersive Media Session

KEYNOTE: Oliver Grau | Will we ever get used to Immersion? MediaArtHistories and Image Science
Volker KuchelmeisterVirtual Immersion
Ben SheddExploding the Frame – Teaching Immersive Imagery

7-9 pm Opening Reception Showcase
ADM Level 2

Friday 23.2.
Stereoscopic 3D Theatre, ART 2-15, ADM/NTU

9:30 am Surround Performance Session 1

Oliver GriemLoop the Loop
JiaXuan HonWHIST – A Dance and Virtual Reality Production

10:30 am Morning Coffee and Demo

11:00 am Sensorial Experience Session 1

Ludger BrümmerLimitations and features of spatial audio/visual systems
Ross WilliamsFlat Screen, Round Screen, no Screen: Sound Design in Multiple Modalities

12:30 pm Mocap Studio, Art B1-5E

Biju Dhanapalan | Demo @ Mocap Studio

1 pm Lunchbreak

2:30 pm Surround Performance Session 2

Susan SentlerA 360-degree choreographic dialogue: Readdressing the dancing body in and beyond the frame
Scott HesselsPlanted Movies: Site-Embedded Film Distribution
Matthew McGinityVirtual Reality, Phenomenal Realness and Fictional Worlds

4:00 pm Afternoon Coffee

4:30 pm Sensorial Experience Session 2

Laura Miotto | Smell, Memory and Space – designing experiences that engage olfactory dimensions
Li Junting Benjamin | Of virtual foods and emotions: Two studies that explore the sensory dimensions of virtual reality in satiation and mood induction

5:30 pm Vibeke Sorensen – Closing Note