Ross Williams

Assistant Professor
ADM School Of Art, Design And Media
NTU Singapore

Australian composer/sound designer Ross Williams has written music and designed sound across a range of styles for theatre, feature film, animation, concert hall, dance, museum installation and interactive media. Since studying composition in Australia and the United States his works have been performed internationally.
His works for award winning abstract, documentary and narrative films have been shown in festivals around the world. He holds a BMus (honours) from the University of Western Australia and a Masters and Doctorate in Musical Arts from Rice University, Texas. His research interests include implementation of audio stimuli to improve effectiveness of robotic motor training, urban soundscapes as cultural heritage, immersive sound and memory, and the aesthetics of sound design for narrative and experimental film. Recent works for animation and experimental film have explored the interplay between literal and abstract sound design where sound and image relationships are constantly redefined.

Flat Screen, Round Screen, No Screen: Sound Design In Multiple Modalities

From an immersive 360 degree video projection to an iPhone, there are more viewing modes than ever before. If it’s a single user wearing a VR headset or many people seated in a dome, each creates a different experiential environment. How does sound design change when the mode of viewing changes? How is the sound content best represented as it is translated across modalities of viewing? Technical and aesthetic considerations will be investigated in the context of “Secret Detours” a short omnidirectional video.