Tobias Klein

Assistant Professor
School Of Creative Media And Department Of Architecture And Civil Engineering
CityU Hong Kong

Tobias Klein works in the fields of Architecture, Art, Design and Interactive Media Installation. His work generates a syncretism of contemporary CAD/CAM technologies with site and culturally specific design narratives, intuitive non-linear design processes, and historical cultural references. Before joining City University Hong Kong in the role as interdisciplinary Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Media and the architectural department, he was employed at the Architectural Association (2008-2014) and the Royal College of Art, (2007-2010), teaching students at the postgraduate level. The resulting works of his studio are exhibited internationally with examples being in the collection of the Antwerp Fashion Museum, the London Science Museum, the V&A, the Bellevue Arts Museum, Museum of Moscow and Vancouver.
He is lecturing and published internationally with most recent articles focusing on the translation from craftsmanship to digital manufacturing

Brain Factory

Brain Factory is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Maurice Benayoun and Tobias Klein. Primarily, the research and the resulting work aims to translate abstract human ‘emotions’ into a form that resembles a ‘product’. We examine not only the meaning of ‘humanity’ like creativity, cognition, and emotion but also the relationship between humans and machine.
The project uses Electroencephalography (EEG) data taken with a Brain Computer Interface (BCI). As all brain activity is unique, we developed a calibration of the individual data readings and associated emotional responses within a set framework of binary outcomes. This is key for a real-time feedback between the virtual generative processes and the brain’s associated response. The calibrated communication between machine and human allows the solidification or sublimation of emotional responses into shapes and forms. Generated using particle systems, virtual forces and translating environments, the resulting forms fundamentally question cultural contextualization of forms associated with abstract concepts such as love or freedom as iconographic and articulate an underlying, semi-sub- conscious formal response. The genealogy of each resulting form is collected and build the DNA of the next iteration of brain readings, thus forming a larger organism and form. This process of sublimation and reification raises an acute question about the true nature of emotions and their roles in the age of artificial intelligence.

Brain Factory

2016, EEG 3D Printing

Brain Factory is media art and science project by Maurice Benayoun and Tobias Klein. Brain Workers-visitors can control matter with their brain (EEG). They give a shape to Human Abstractions that will be reified (converted into object) by 3D printing.